[Magazine] 75rd Drum for AR-15 7.62×39 – $120 + S/H

[Magazine] 75rd Drum for AR-15 7.62×39 – $120 + S/H


[Magazine] 75rd Drum for AR-15 7.62×39 – $120 + S/H

13 reviews for [Magazine] 75rd Drum for AR-15 7.62×39 – $120 + S/H

  1. waxydoodle

    * Drum Mag
    * 7.62×39 Ar-15
    * Obscure company name

    My unreliability senses are tingling

  2. pantlesspuma

    Looks to be a standard ak drum with the feed tower changed out which was common for older norinco drums. Beta did the same for thier drums.

    I’d be curious on the reliability of this. Mainly the fairly straight vertical feed tower. I dont have a 7.62×39 upper or I’d try it.

  3. Newspaper_Basic

    very interesting… the colt ar15 drums (and mags) fetch huge money on Gunbroker and they look exactly like this. (ak with ar magwell). looks like pro mag makes one now also for the 7.62×39.
    I’ve been waiting one for a long time to play with. I think I’ll bite and give it a try. I will post back the reliability.

  4. SimpingForNonArsenal

    RWB and KCI are the same products I believe the difference is the importers, RWB and KCI.

  5. ComfortableActuator

    [higher priced here, but more pictures.](https://drummagazines.com/AR47-762×39-75rd-Drum-_p_495.html) The part number seems like the same mfg.

  6. ComradeGarcia_Pt2

    Ew, David.

  7. AAA_Game


  8. ironwill1964

    Thanks for the post OP in for one. I have a 120 round version in 5.56 works well.

  9. get_trolled_420




    My sides are going to orbital.

    *slap hood of bullshit*

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  11. Blade_Shot24

    You have my attention but I don’t see myself using it however

  12. ReasonableLanguage52

    Mag catch is not oriented correctly…

  13. Enigma_x23

    Can the galil ace gen 2 run this?

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