[Magazine] 3-pack mags Russian Bakelite 7.62X39 Tula or Izhevsk $239.95 for 3

[Magazine] 3-pack mags Russian Bakelite 7.62X39 Tula or Izhevsk $239.95 for 3


[Magazine] 3-pack mags Russian Bakelite 7.62X39 Tula or Izhevsk $239.95 for 3

15 reviews for [Magazine] 3-pack mags Russian Bakelite 7.62X39 Tula or Izhevsk $239.95 for 3

  1. echocall2

    SG had bakes for $65 each a few months back

  2. wormraper

    amazing how the mighty have fallen. Sam at SGAmmo used to be a legend in the gun world. He brought in niche calibers and variants, and he had very reasonable prices. Now everything is him fear mongering and K-var’ing his over priced stuff with emails that say “this may be the LAST TIME you get this!!!”.

  3. dionyszenji



  4. wayne_kenoff___

    hard pass

  5. ak_collectors_source

    We have bakes with steel feedlips in G-VG condition for $70, not sure if we can post the link though…

  6. Hellagen

    The same guys had these for 65ea with free shipping few months back. They really have lost the way, very sad.

  7. ThankfulReproach

    Doesn’t Russian surplus regularly have these much cheaper?

  8. uhkayus

    Go to GAFS for individual sales. This is pretty standard pricing if not a tad high

  9. stircrazy85

    meanwhile in Russia…


  10. SpaceyKC92

    I need at least one but this is wild lol

  11. ShoonBuey

    Can’t believe I sold these for $35 a pop few years ago..

  12. jaykaypeeness

    This is a very not good deal.

  13. hillbillydeluxe


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  15. hitemlow

    At what price point does someone open a factory making new bakes?

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