[MAG] PMAG M3 Window, black, $12.05 + shipping, 77k+ in stock

[MAG] PMAG M3 Window, black, $12.05 + shipping, 77k+ in stock


[MAG] PMAG M3 Window, black, $12.05 + shipping, 77k+ in stock

9 reviews for [MAG] PMAG M3 Window, black, $12.05 + shipping, 77k+ in stock

  1. midnightmk4

    Thank god there are 77k in stock. I have time to decide if I want one

  2. Floridamanridesagain

    $10 flat rate shipping from warehouse, code FACEBOOK take $5 off shipping for orders over $100 once per account.

    Also, yes, you need more mags. The minimum number of mags is n + 10, where n is the number of mags you currently own.

  3. DrDeezerKnudsen

    And at that price, they’ll have all 77k for quite some time

  4. speezly

    This a deal or no? I’ve got tons of gen 2 but really want to pick up more of the Gen 3

  5. RJA016

    No shipping to MD 🙁 I don’t like md laws

  6. dcrypter

    Dack Outdoors is 11.99 with 8.99 shipping, so cheaper all around and even more so if you live in Texas since you won’t be charged tax.

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  8. LuckyBuilder69

    Hurry, before they’re gone

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