[handgun]Colt 1911 Classic Government..45 AARP 2-Tone O1911C-SS-TT-E $849

[handgun]Colt 1911 Classic Government..45 AARP 2-Tone O1911C-SS-TT-E $849


[handgun]Colt 1911 Classic Government..45 AARP 2-Tone O1911C-SS-TT-E $849

13 reviews for [handgun]Colt 1911 Classic Government..45 AARP 2-Tone O1911C-SS-TT-E $849

  1. Memecaliber

    I see colt had a spare box of each black slides and bare stainless frames to get rid of.

  2. attack_rat

    One tone for each World War.

  3. Aurelian1960

    .45 AARP?!! Get off my lawn sonny!!

  4. Manofonemind

    This looks like the 2 tone Malone of 1911s

  5. TheWheelGatMan

    I love my colt 1911 but man do they know how to miss the mark for a desirable product.

  6. Agentbolt

    The black on stainless look this gun is rocking looks terrible. Like one of those beater cars with a hood that’s a different color from the rest of the body.

  7. _Juliet_Lima_Echo_

    Somehow I looooove Sig’s 1911 two tone and haaaaaaaate Colt’s two tone. Wtf is wrong with me

  8. zorbaguppie

    Interesting 2 tone by Colt

  9. Creekochee

    At this price, buy a Ronin. Not only is it more functional, but it looks way cleaner.

  10. I_goofed

    Fun fact that I recently learned. 9mm was designed before 45acp.

  11. gebsmith

    I want a Colt 1911 but this is not it.

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  13. pensacolaslim

    What’s the deal with those Davidson’s ads. Do they really offer lifetime replacement?

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