[Handgun] ZASTAVA M70 Pistol .32 ACP with magazine. Refurbed and ready to shoot. $195

[Handgun] ZASTAVA M70 Pistol .32 ACP with magazine. Refurbed and ready to shoot. $195


[Handgun] ZASTAVA M70 Pistol .32 ACP with magazine. Refurbed and ready to shoot. $195

16 reviews for [Handgun] ZASTAVA M70 Pistol .32 ACP with magazine. Refurbed and ready to shoot. $195

  1. Zenick000

    They look cool except wtf is going on with the rear sight?

  2. nakimar

    know nothing about these but want one for some reason – anybody own one?

  3. Quake_Guy

    I was going to say buy a Beretta 81 instead but looks like they are 4 bills now… wtf. Got mine for $200 2 years ago. Should have bought more.

  4. CalicoJack195

    Fuck, I already have a Toke. If I get this then I’ll have to get a Makarov to complete the combloc pistol collection.

    Why y’all make a man think this big on a Monday.

  5. 2MGR

    Where’s the 32 guy to tell us how good this is?

  6. whats_joesayn

    i have around 1.5k rounds of .32acp for some odd reason, that reason being a beretta cheetah. now i kinda want a Zastava handgun to dual wield some .32s

  7. melaflander34

    These damn things…

  8. Resident_Ad7301

    I’m not the biggest fan of this gun. Not terrible, but not great. I own one and it hardly leaves my safe. I much prefer my 81.

  9. tetsuden

    Ammo would quickly cost more than the gun, Gon have to pass

  10. Mushy93

    These are cool little guns, Basically a TT-33 in .32acp.

    There is no half cock on the hammer though, Don’t put a round in your leg.

    The big goofy rear iron sight is to get enough points for importation, The dimensions for the rear irons are very close to the TT-33 and if you have one you can get a ballpark idea of the size to mill a new iron sight from bar stock.

    You need to get these wile they are cheep, Y’all remember back when 1895 Nagant revolvers were $70 and now they are $800 and you hate yourself for not getting one? Its the same idea except this is actual a really nice gun, for a .32 atleast. Also for some reason most of these being imported now seem to be, honest to god, factory new.

  11. Milnoch

    This specific offering is a DO NOT BUY. This has the wrong rear sight on it due to import BS. DO NOT BUY THIS SPECIFIC VARIANT! SEE THAT GOOFY LOOKING SIGHT? THAT’S WRONG.
    There are no good sources for the proper rear sight.

    The gun model itself with the correct factory sight is a great little shooter and I encourage you to find one without this giant sight. Also don’t buy one without a rear sight as you can’t find factory replacements.

  12. CriticalBasedTheory

    Is this the one with the asstastic trigger?

  13. reluctantaccountant9

    Anyone know anything about the site? The fact that it only hast 20 items on it is a little concerning

  14. Asmewithoutpolitics

    Are these on the curious and relics exception in CA?

  15. coat_hanger_dias

    I love how there is a Zastava rifle and two different Zastava pistols all called the M70. Really helps with notifications!

  16. Homez987

    Damn no safety, hard to find a good little gun with one it seems.

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