[handgun] Threaded | Heritage 22lr 6.5″ Fs Blued $168

[handgun] Threaded | Heritage 22lr 6.5″ Fs Blued $168


[handgun] Threaded | Heritage 22lr 6.5″ Fs Blued $168

17 reviews for [handgun] Threaded | Heritage 22lr 6.5″ Fs Blued $168

  1. I_work_too_much

    I feel like in the Heritage Firearms boardroom they are just bumping rails off hookers asses and saying “Jesus these retards will literally buy anything”.

    And yes, yes we will you magnificent assholes.

  2. PenisStuck

    Bayonet lug or gtfo

  3. I_like_to_run__

    Give me the price per inch

  4. WhyInTheHellNot

    Why are these coming threaded now? Is cylinder gap just not a thing anymore?

  5. Choledocholoco

    Everyone is saying suppressor… I keep thinking golf ball launcher and nail gun blanks

  6. sportbiketed

    Just ordered one. Can’t wait to toss on a romeo5 and suppressor

  7. UllrRllr

    16 inch or GTFO

  8. ErrlWorx556


  9. Limp-Quail


    It is in stock in a lot of the places. A lot of the place been blacklisted on here, I try for 30 minutes and finally found one that I can post. I missed the last round so I got in here. Don’t forget the $20 rebate.

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  11. [deleted]


  12. Tactical_winter550

    If only 16”

  13. salemlakes

    just got mine in today, this swwwweeeeet mmm mmm mmm…. i cant wait to toke her out

  14. 1337Lulz

    Give me that threaded 16″

  15. thecuriouspatron

    I kinda want to get one to put a muzzle brake on…

  16. ZombieHoratioAlger

    now just hwhat in tarnation is going on here

  17. GTE_Engineering

    Lol I’m watching Thunderbolt and Lightfoot right now and they’re using suppressed revolvers

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