[handgun] Taurus TX22 22 LR 4.10″ 10+1 $250.82 + shipping

[handgun] Taurus TX22 22 LR 4.10″ 10+1 $250.82 + shipping


[handgun] Taurus TX22 22 LR 4.10″ 10+1 $250.82 + shipping

11 reviews for [handgun] Taurus TX22 22 LR 4.10″ 10+1 $250.82 + shipping

  1. GuineaEternus

    This, the Taurus TX22 Competition or a FN502 Tactical?

  2. mattypew

    Non-threaded version. Thou search shall continue…

  3. jacksonsamualmcgee

    Waiting for the comp version

  4. freeamericanmo

    These are awesome for real training handgun feel. That is, it isn’t a victory or mark IV feel

  5. Encumbered_Bumbler

    Is it possible to switch the mag release to left hand?

    I’m sitting here at work very much considering dual wielding this bad boy for the giggles.

  6. gebsmith

    Awesome gun. My only complaint is that the trigger is a little gritty. Trigger upgrade is definitely worth it.


  7. endwick

    I wish I hadn’t gotten excited and bought this for more. It turned out to be disappointing for me. Planning to consign mine. ~~But this is a really good price, lower than it’s been in a pretty solid while.~~ I reread the title and never mind, this is the 10 round version with no threaded barrel. This is the normal slight-discount price for this UPC.

  8. Sure-Crazy3212

    My stupid ass bought the non threaded version the other day by accident. Don’t be my stupid ass smh

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  10. OfficialHavik

    Not OOS? How!?!??

  11. FPSXpert

    This is the behind enemy lines model, not the freedom model just a heads up. 10 round mags and no threaded barrel.

    Still a great firearm to plink with though.

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