[Handgun] Taurus G3c 9mm 3.26″ Barrel 12+1 – $239 free shipping

[Handgun] Taurus G3c 9mm 3.26″ Barrel 12+1 – $239 free shipping


[Handgun] Taurus G3c 9mm 3.26″ Barrel 12+1 – $239 free shipping

6 reviews for [Handgun] Taurus G3c 9mm 3.26″ Barrel 12+1 – $239 free shipping

  1. Sweet_Meat_McClure


    Not bad for the price – just make sure you do a function check before accepting it.

  2. SnooMemesjellies4305

    Good price on a good pistol that’s just the right size to carry… for my large hands, anyway…

    Adding a $35 trigger-and-spring from Keep Tinkering fixed the only thing about mine that needed fixing… his SAO straight trigger greatly improved both the trigger’s feel and its point of engagement… I no longer have to bend my trigger finger back halfway to my elbow to get it to fire…

    With that bargain of a trigger upgrade done, now it’s a whole lot better than good… for what it is, it’s damn near perfect…

  3. jakethompson92

    As a former Taurus owner, let me certify that the only people who shit all over Tauruses have never owned one

  4. strelokjg47

    I grabbed this when they were 199 from 208 gun shop a few months ago. This is my first carry pistol, which I have compared to my Canik TP9sa.

    Quality seems good for price, I didn’t think it was going to blow me away. Trigger is only complaint, as it breaks very far back which I will end up modifying. Tennifer finish is well, not great but it’s a $200 pistol that comes with 3 mags and a lock.

    Shot fine out of the box. Overall satisfied for a cheap entrance into the compact carry pistol realm.

  5. GregLou617

    With the TX22 and now the GX4, I really hope we get a refreshed, or even brand new set of duty sized 9s from Taurus at shot show this year. They would do some damage to the competition if they made better core models.

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