[Handgun] TAURUS G2C 9MM GRAY FRAME – $189

[Handgun] TAURUS G2C 9MM GRAY FRAME – $189


[Handgun] TAURUS G2C 9MM GRAY FRAME – $189

15 reviews for [Handgun] TAURUS G2C 9MM GRAY FRAME – $189

  1. Dontnut69

    Perfect to tape to the inside of my toilet tank.
    Can’t get caught lackin’

  2. PlatypusVenomSnake

    Taurus has a strong and well-earned reputation for crap and malfunctions.

    THAT said, anecdotally, these cheap little fuckers are good to go. Mine has never had a malfunction, and I treat it like a gun I don’t care about. My 2 friends have had the same experience. The local store has sold a ton, and they allegedly haven’t had to send any in for warranty service.

    It is a size I love – between an LCP and a G26 in size, fits the hand better than both, and has 12 round magazines.

    Ultimately, I was so impressed with it that I made myself buy a Ruger Max 9, since they’re about the same size with the same capacity and I found myself tempted to trust my life to a Taurus as an EDC. You read that correctly. I like this gun so much that I bought a different one to supplant it.

    For $200ish, you won’t find a better 9mm carry pistol.

  3. doolimite1

    I don’t need this. Have plenty of guns . Even have a G3c. But I ordered this lol

  4. killadocg23

    I shoot these better than my Glock .that’s why I had to add a red dot to it lol

  5. TheNightWatchmen

    Better than a Hi-Point

  6. TheChance916


  7. [deleted]


  8. tugrumpler

    G2C $199 4 in stock as of right now. Buy them guys so I don’t. I mean yes, I need 2 truck guns and another bathroom gun but I don’t **NEED** them….


  9. guevaracks

    My diaper baggun, my driving somewhere going to leave it in my cargun, my idc if it gets stolengun, for whenever I’m not carrying my G19

    My wife is small and she likes shooting this

  10. SchroedBoss

    I got the bronze slide G2C at a covid panic peak price of $379 and it makes my stupid ass want to cry. That said, it shoots like a $379 gun and I’ve never had an issue with it on ten or so range days. Wouldnt hate having a second to keep in the console

  11. always_an_eagle

    How are these? Any decent?

  12. Ted_From_Accounting

    Taurus is actual poo poo though, on par with Hi-Point

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  14. Many-Sherbert

    I hate y’all i am to damn slow

  15. marphi6

    That was fast

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