[Handgun] S&W M&P 9 – $399

[Handgun] S&W M&P 9 – $399


[Handgun] S&W M&P 9 – $399

11 reviews for [Handgun] S&W M&P 9 – $399

  1. Chucklethrust

    Absurd price for a used gen 1.

  2. Happy_Dragonfruit320

    Whomever priced this is smoking crack.

  3. Happy_Dragonfruit320

    Whoever priced this is smoking crack.

  4. rubbercat

    Terrible price. Do not buy this.

  5. alekou8

    A police trade in gen 1 for 400 dollars, wow this is dogshit

  6. IllegalSBR

    Only a stupid clown would buy this

  7. BabaYaga2017

    Would really like a used slide to get milled for an rmr. It’d need to be about half this price though.

  8. always_an_eagle

    Shit how far we have come. I know it’s in 40 cal, but the first gen M&P 40 police trade ins were $250.

  9. Tuco86x


  10. Ok_Understanding1612

    Used, but well reviewed from a trusted surplus dealer

  11. Ded_man_3112

    I tried to trade my Gen 1 in today since I haven’t carried it in years, apex flat trigger, trijicon tritium sights, and 8 mags with a holster. Dealer offered $200 store credit towards a trade (nope). This retailer is wanting $399? Insanity. Guess, maybe $200 store credit was not as offensive as I felt.

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