[Handgun] STEYR M9-A2 MF 9MM 17RD BLK 4″ $499 + $25 S/H

[Handgun] STEYR M9-A2 MF 9MM 17RD BLK 4″ $499 + $25 S/H


[Handgun] STEYR M9-A2 MF 9MM 17RD BLK 4″ $499 + $25 S/H

20 reviews for [Handgun] STEYR M9-A2 MF 9MM 17RD BLK 4″ $499 + $25 S/H

  1. FistfulOfMemes

    PRO TIP: through rigorous research and development (messing with a Dremel), I have discovered you CAN make a Safariland GLS holster fit this gun. You need to buy the wide frame model, then cut out the flexible adjustment tab inside the holster. The pistol is just the right dimensions to fit without it. Because of this, I can now run it in 2 gun

  2. Sweetnesssl8

    What a steal! Probably my favorite handgun that I own and easily one of the better polymer frame, 9mm on the market. Very natural grip and I love the sights. I would caution that aftermarket support is limited but at a price like this (I paid $615) you can’t go wrong

  3. AlertWarning

    Man I really wish this was the C9…but I’m tempted to pull the trigger on this. I also want an AUG. basically I just want everything Steyr makes lol.

  4. sando138

    Want a threaded barrel, but they’re OOS or backordered everywhere.

  5. Kevxy23

    Eric from Double Click Holsters can take care of your Steyr holster needs. He made an IWB hoster for my C9-A2 MF

  6. cokeman2424

    Definitely worth the money at this price. Thanks OP

  7. emperor000

    This is tempting but I kind of want the L9 for a slightly longer barrel. Anybody have feedback on how they compare?

  8. a6mzero

    Still holding out for the L9

  9. McGreek

    I’d be all over this is it was optics ready

  10. dieselwurst

    This or a 4″ Walther PPQ?

  11. phmax1337

    I wanted this but I wish after market support is better.

  12. _Citizen-Snips_

    Pretty good price for the A2 model, even with the shipping. I believe I payed ~~$549 for the A1 about 2 years ago~~. Hands down the most enjoyable polymer pistol that I own.

    Edit: I’m a liar, I just looked it up. I payed $499 shipped for an A1 w/threaded barrel from SMGA in April of last year.

  13. BerkutBang69

    I still have my S9 and I will never let it go. The most reliable pistol I’ve owned with the low bore axis making it a pleasure to shoot. Too bad they didn’t bring the S9 to the new gen and why they haven’t added RDS compatibility blows my mind.

  14. justanotherguyonBLF

    Is this a full size Steyr?

  15. hen263

    FYI – i recently bought the C version. Great, great gun. You can buy holsters that fit via Doubleclick or MIE Productions.

  16. maverickaod

    In for one. I’d been keeping an eye out for these for a while.

  17. bigchungusmode96

    “Can we get a M9?”

    “We have a M9 at home”

    ^ The M9 at home

  18. SigSeikoSpyderco

    Thanks OP

  19. InfiniteWalrus09

    I want, but there isn’t an optics ready version is there?

  20. PoliticalAccount01

    Dope glock

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