[Handgun] Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm Bi-Tone Essentials Package $949.99 FREE SHIPPING +Tax

[Handgun] Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm Bi-Tone Essentials Package $949.99 FREE SHIPPING +Tax


[Handgun] Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm Bi-Tone Essentials Package $949.99 FREE SHIPPING +Tax

9 reviews for [Handgun] Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm Bi-Tone Essentials Package $949.99 FREE SHIPPING +Tax

  1. UselessUseOfCat

    I’m looking for a single action metal framed gun that is nice to shoot. Emphasis on nice trigger and low recoil. I don’t necessarily care if it’s concealable or high capacity. EMP or something else?

  2. ha3097

    Can anyone help me find a Colt 1911 38 super

  3. bakel5

    Ca compliant

  4. PolarBearCoordinates

    Is this really a desirable pistol? Metal frame, 9rd magazine, no pic rail and Springfield…

  5. atax

    I won one of these in a raffle and was super excited. Until that is, I actually shot it. Another jamteen 2011. Was very disappointed in the trigger and the fact that everything I threw at it jammed.

  6. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    Boycott Springfield.

    At this price that shouldn’t be too hard.

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  8. crazywayne311

    I was looking for one of these just a month or so ago. Couldn’t find one to save my life! Actually thought they stopped making them in favor of the Ronin EMP. Instead of over paying for a used one I opted to looked high end. Almost bought a Staccato to sit next to the STI I have and grabbed a MPX instead of anything mentioned above. Seeing this in stock has me itching. I had one at one point and loved it. It was a .40 I shot a 9mm and loved they way it felt. Sold the .40 to buy the 9mm and ended up spending the money elsewhere. Never got one.

  9. urban1alchemist

    Not a deal. Fuck Springfield

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