[Handgun] Smith & Wesson SD9VE, 9mm, 2 16+1 magazines – $249.99 @NWArmory

[Handgun] Smith & Wesson SD9VE, 9mm, 2 16+1 magazines – $249.99 @NWArmory


[Handgun] Smith & Wesson SD9VE, 9mm, 2 16+1 magazines – $249.99 @NWArmory

26 reviews for [Handgun] Smith & Wesson SD9VE, 9mm, 2 16+1 magazines – $249.99 @NWArmory

  1. pskindlefire

    Well made, good budget starter gun. Glock 19 sized with similar operation and takedown. Trigger is a little heavy, but is usable. You can upgrade it with an Apex trigger kit.

  2. Esrange

    I have one of these, tbh they’re not *bad*, especially for a lower-end price like this. The trigger stinks out of the box but there are aftermarket springs and such that help a lot and aren’t too expensive.

    Considering everything, having an inexpensive gun that eats everything and never stops trucking even after ~4000 rounds down the pipe it’s hard to not respect these.

  3. FischlandchipZ

    Oddly enough, Afghanistan bought 22,000 of these to arm the national police and border guard service. This was awhile ago though.

    I wonder why they chose this. From everything I’m reading, they are just okay, not excellent, not awful.

    I’m guessing its probably a price thing. If it’s only $250 for civilians in 2022, musta only cost 3 peanuts and some pocket lint back in the early 2000’s.

    I guess we will probably see these pop up on the black market now that the Taliban captured them

  4. eyeayeinn

    This was one of my first handguns and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Shoots straight and consistent and looks cool. I’ve moved on to bigger and better things but honestly seeing it at this price point makes me want to grab it just to have laying around again. Anyone thinking about a good, affordable first pistol or someone wanting an extra laying around, here’s your gun.

  5. alnelon

    Pays for itself after the first 7/11 robbery

  6. JohnCarpenterLives

    Oh, let me just check the CA version, maybe it’s…. Oh. $360. Yeah. That’s about right.

  7. UnfriskyDingo

    One of these was my first gun. If id do it again id just get a canik or a sar

  8. Dave_A_Computer

    If you tea-cup it; you can use CZ-75 magazines in these.

    You have to match the catch cut out though if you want to run them normal like.

  9. AmazonSlaveRhemmy

    When I worked at a gun store, we sold tons of these and at the same time we would have tons of people selling them to us,

  10. redditguy135

    Need a gun and this is the best you can afford? Buy it.

    For a little bit more money, a used M&P will not disappoint if you’re seriously considering this model.

  11. AdventurousAd9786

    American, low cost, and reliable, what’s not to like? The stock trigger is okay-bad but a decent kit is less than $50.

  12. New_Cress9966

    For 250 you could do alot worse. These are very Glock-ish guns so they share the traits of being very reliable and very simple.

    The trigger is shit but if this is your only firearm you’ll adapt to it with enough practice.

  13. lpm444

    I will say, if you know how to shoot a double action revolver this isn’t very different at all. It can be quite accurate if you know what you’re doing.


    I’ve got a very similar model in .40, same issue as every says, horrible trigger, but it does teach you how to control your trigger pull much more efficiently so that when you do slap on an aftermarket trigger, you’ll notice your accuracy go up by a bit. Not to mention it’s reliable as hell

  15. Asmewithoutpolitics

    Any deal like this but California friendly?
    Or will they shop to Cali without mags?

  16. OtherUnameInShop

    Best LGS in Oregon. Period.

  17. mohvespenegas

    Man, I miss living close to these guys :/

  18. DavidHK

    This was my first gun. Never had issues but I felt like a massive poor owning it

  19. wyccad452

    This was one of my first guns. I had a trigger kit installed. I sold it a while back due to financial difficulties, but I’d love another. It seems like a good price.

  20. Keeper_of_the_H

    Stock, it’s a good gun. With an Apex trigger, it’s a great gun, and at a pre-COVID price!

  21. ivietjune

    this or a taurus g3?

  22. WatercressSpiritual

    I hate this gun, and I’m a S&W fan. Bought mine almost brand new for $180. Damn thing has never had a malfunction, feels good in the hand, and is familiar like a glock.

    I can’t hit shit with it. I have the full Apex upgrade for it and it made it better, but the gun still feels like crap. If you need something, more like anything, this is a good price. If you can save up a little more, I’d get a Canik or an M&P.

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  24. Blurplenapkin

    Dead reliable but the trigger was so ass even after lightening it I sold it and built a Glock instead.

  25. FtBraggSwag

    This gun is the result when you let your firearm hang out with highpoints or SCCYs.

  26. Martin_RageTV

    These things qwre hot garbage when they first came out… still are. Buuut they are racoon grade hot garbage. Like a fancy hi point.

    If you’re broke as fuck these things are solid.

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