[Handgun] SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD EZ M2.0 380 ACP NO THUMB SAFETY, or with Safety $249+s/h

[Handgun] SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD EZ M2.0 380 ACP NO THUMB SAFETY, or with Safety $249+s/h


[Handgun] SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD EZ M2.0 380 ACP NO THUMB SAFETY, or with Safety $249+s/h

19 reviews for [Handgun] SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD EZ M2.0 380 ACP NO THUMB SAFETY, or with Safety $249+s/h

  1. MP5Konfused

    r/gundeals ***is a better place b/c of*** u/Maximus_Ballsackus

  2. Itothesky

    The good thing for me is that website is so bad I gave up on the purchase of a pistol I really don’t need.

  3. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    Do they make the EZ in 9?

  4. khanable_

    Damn good deal on a great pistol. Picked it up for my girlfriend to use and it quickly became one of my favorites.

  5. wutatthrowaway

    My wife has one in 9mm. These guns are really great for people with weaker grip strength.

  6. exceptionally_avg

    Bought this just this morning. Came out to $280.79 for me

  7. air789

    Sent this to my dad since he was looking at one and has arthritis. Was easier for him to rack back the slide. Would prefer in 9mm but to good of a deal to pass up

  8. KevinGracie

    This is a great price for a great pistol, if you’re looking for something in .380acp.

  9. Never_fucking_curses

    Seller good to go? I’ve been wanting one of these for the wife.

  10. OcelotPrize

    Wow good deal! Got one for the wife sub $300 and she is super happy with it.

  11. CuriositysSake

    Wanted to buy one but they appear to charge sales tax to Texas. $249, plus $15 shipping. But then it says $286.86 total

  12. Charming-Flatworm467

    Ordered. Thanks OP!

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  14. Anonymousguy170

    Anyone bought from them before?

  15. TheRealGunn

    Patiently waiting on the 9mm to get back down to $250.

    I’ve regretted not buying one way that price when I had the chance.

  16. hdwort

    Ordered thanks op!

  17. arin43

    How’s this handle limp wristing?

    My grandmother has arthritis so it’s near impossible for her to rack a slide. I was thinking of the 9 EZ just because smaller 380s can have some cycling issues if you don’t have a proper grip.

  18. GameMisconduct63

    Ah man, I think we killed the website

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