[Handgun] Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus NTS $439.99

[Handgun] Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus NTS $439.99


[Handgun] Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus NTS $439.99

8 reviews for [Handgun] Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Plus NTS $439.99

  1. Kuric1

    Man, I just wish Smith would come out with their guns with an optics cut only, to be honest that’s why I went w/ the P365 for nearly the same money… If Smith does and it’s in the same price range I’ll end up with another one to add to my collection. Although I admit I’m still thinking about this deal as well…

  2. Vanijoro

    Good price for it not exceptional. The texturing on these is incredibly good, I think my favorite I’ve ever felt and the reason I put talon grips on my EDC, and I have a really easy time releasing the magazine. Though even with the magazine extension I still have pinky retention issues, so large hands my find the grip too small YMMV. I have not shot it extensively, I’m sure it’s great like the regular shield.

  3. lightshowe

    Is this currently the best carry pistol? I’ve heard the p365 is great too but pretty snappy.

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  5. Mikazukinoyaiba


    Found this available for $449.99 and took the plunge, $10 doesn’t make much of a difference but still wish I had seen this thread sooner.

    I guess I’ll take the $10 premium to avoid having to register another account.

    Edit: Actually I could get a price match with [Gunbuyer](https://www.gunbuyer.com/s-w-9mm-m-p9-shield-plus-sw13248-d.html)

  6. FleaBottoms

    Be nice if they’d catch up on the demand for magazines.

  7. kidruhil

    Almost bought one the other day at cabelas. It took all my willpower to stay strong and wait for the performance center 4″ model.

  8. Gerren7

    You can buy them in the 380-399 price on gun broker all day everyday.

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