[Handgun] Sig Sauer P365, Stainless Slide – $499.99

[Handgun] Sig Sauer P365, Stainless Slide – $499.99


[Handgun] Sig Sauer P365, Stainless Slide – $499.99

14 reviews for [Handgun] Sig Sauer P365, Stainless Slide – $499.99

  1. whiskey_outpost26

    If Sig ever offers an X slide in stainless I’d buy it in a heartbeat

  2. RanByUTubeMoney

    NGL at first glance i thought this was a two tone hi-point

  3. FrenchFriedMushroom

    Guys, I thought we talked about this. Leave one in stock until I’m off work…..

    Actually really upset I missed this.

  4. AYooper

    Is the stainless slide good for anything?

  5. Lower-Investigator42

    Is this a good price?

  6. needles617

    These are even cheap in MA now. 12 months ago every asshole and their mother was paying 800 dollars + for these

  7. krenogin

    My stainless slide has some minor rust spots from carrying.

    Yes the gun is semi abused, but I thought it’d be tougher than standard finishes.

  8. Klunwf

    I want to learn this kind of background image! Teach me.

  9. derpotologist

    RE4 vibes. Been looking for one of these for a long while actually. I mean, it’s sold out so I’m still looking

  10. Louderish

    I wanted to love this gun. I bought one fairly cheap, Just couldn’t enjoy it. The P938 is just that much better, despite the price tag. It’s 100% worth the difference

  11. DancinginAshes

    Hell of a deal

  12. Vikingwithguns

    Oh god no

    Are these guys legit? Somebody just please tell me no so I can save money. For once in my fucking life.

  13. Lower-Investigator42

    Buy now or wait for a lower price?

  14. Andy23235


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