[Handgun] Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm Compact 3.9″ SAO 15rd E29R-9-LEGION-SAO $1169.99 -Email for price

[Handgun] Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm Compact 3.9″ SAO 15rd E29R-9-LEGION-SAO $1169.99 -Email for price


[Handgun] Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm Compact 3.9″ SAO 15rd E29R-9-LEGION-SAO $1169.99 -Email for price

18 reviews for [Handgun] Sig Sauer P229 Legion 9mm Compact 3.9″ SAO 15rd E29R-9-LEGION-SAO $1169.99 -Email for price

  1. philipokmolotok

    Always wanted a legion and I know these are awesome, still going to holdout for a p226 legion tho – afraid I’ll never shoot my p320 compact if I get this

  2. eclipsedrambler

    Thank god I didn’t tell my wife about the 2nd Xmas bonus.


    These things FUCK. I have a picture of mine in my history if anyone is interested or if anyone has any questions

  4. GoNe2heLL

    Man oh man so close… 226 SAO RXP and I’ll be running for my wallet

  5. tacotacoburrito04

    Just waiting for the email quote and this will be my last gun purchase.

    Of 2021.

  6. GunGuy301336

    Do these have ambi safeties?

  7. Dave_A_Computer

    Seems like the Legions are the only P229’s still in production, shame because I’d like a basic one for my combat pistol collection.

  8. meiswhitey

    Does the SAO come with the flat trigger but the DA/SA not?

  9. getoffmylastname

    Funny I was just looking at the Arex Zero five minutes ago.

  10. Bobathaar

    Classic sigs are good, reliable firearms… but their main selling point is the great design and ergos of the da/sa design, which makes for an incredibly “safe” gun carried with a round chambered and hammer decocked. It’s got one of the better triggers (especially with the srt) if you put in a slightly weaker mainspring… which is easy to do and the spring itself is like $10. All the controls are incredibly intuitive for a right handed shooter.

    However, you sort of lose that selling point when you move to sao. Once you make the 226/229 series sao, you’re basically shooting a poor man’s 2011. The trigger is decidedly worse than a 2011 or even a single action cz, and the classic sig design always did make for a “flippy” gun due the bore axis… so it’s not really a great sportsman’s pistol or gamer gun… doesn’t really lend itself to min/maxing.

    So… my 2 cents: don’t get this. Get a da/sa classic sig if you’re going to get a classic sig…that’s the way it was designed to be. Or get a cz tso if you want a budget sao gun. Or get a nice 2011 if you got a few grand to throw at a gun and want doublestack capacity. Regardless of what you want, I don’t see a 229 being the ideal gun for you unless you want an “all metal double action/single action compact gun with impeccable reliability”… and that means not this model. I mean I get that they made a sao model because there’s a lot of ppl that just don’t shoot double action well. And I mean, if you’re one of those people… then the answer is to just practice/train more… or buy something other than a classic sig.

  11. Ok_Understanding1612

    40 S&W? 🙂

  12. pine_appeal

    Hell of a price. Be still my beating wallet.

  13. Ice199

    I holding off for 226 deal. Just got new permits last week.

  14. Way_2_Go_Donny

    Any reason you can’t send these out for an optic cut? I don’t give an ish about the legion logo.

  15. yankee_chipper

    My white whale! Can someone please take away my wallet after this?

  16. performancereviews

    I really don’t think these are good deals in general.

    You can still find nice German examples for half that price.
    These just seem second rate compared to the older ones when you look at the machining marks and fit and finish.

  17. 6handbanana

    32oz unloaded…

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