[Handgun] Sig P365XL w/ Romeo Zero – $557.99 + S&H

[Handgun] Sig P365XL w/ Romeo Zero – $557.99 + S&H


[Handgun] Sig P365XL w/ Romeo Zero – $557.99 + S&H

25 reviews for [Handgun] Sig P365XL w/ Romeo Zero – $557.99 + S&H

  1. Cavechicken01

    My local gun store sell this for $750

  2. nojiyo

    Seller is legit ordered my p365x it arrived at my ffl 2 days later

  3. SirLordWombat

    Can they keep the Romeo and make it cheaper? Hard pass on the optic but decent deal if you want to test a red dot before going for something better.

  4. ATF0PenUp

    The tactical pactical version of this without the Romeo for $550 is a better deal

  5. datdude8686

    Great deal even though zero is trash. Paid $700 during peak covid for mine and sold the romeo to put a 507k on it.

  6. tcheeze1

    Wow, that’s the cheapest ever I’ve seen this setup. I hope it’s legit.

  7. SRG4Life

    The red dot is cheap but overall I think it’s a good deal. I had a bad experience having one of mine shipped to a big name gun store, they were looking for an excuse not to hand it to me even though I have my CCW permit and crystal clear record.

    I sent my last one to a mom and pop store and they were extremely nice and friendly. Support mom and pop shops.

  8. sprchrgddc5

    I bought a P365X from Dahlonega on a Thursday I think. Maybe Friday? Anyways, it arrived at my FFL on Monday. It was incredibly quick, I was so surprised.

  9. IdyllicArcadia

    Pretty darn good deal

  10. lv_techs

    I looked long and hard at these and the hellcats, I couldn’t decide between the two, held them both in the local shop, hellcat felt better but the trigger on the sig was phenomenal, then a 43x mos popped up the other day and I grabbed one quick.

  11. DeanofDean101

    Sooo…. Why does everyone hate the RZ? I was kind of interested in this but the amount of hate makes me curious.

  12. AxG88

    Lowest price ever. Closest to this was Kygun @ 599.99 shipped about a month or so ago.

    Don’t see the why people hating on the RZ, but if low prices are the result, maybe people can hate on the other desirable optics too; and encourage a price drop. 🤣

  13. vegangunstuff

    Worth it if they kept the optic and threw in some 15 rd mags

  14. Chez92

    It doesn’t get much cheaper, even without the Romeo.

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  16. Ryanrealestate

    How’s the battery life on the Romeo and does it have shake awake?

  17. preppielemon


  18. The-CVE-Guy

    Just a heads up, this doesn’t come with a rear sight in case you hate the RDS that comes with it (or at least mine didn’t).

  19. zmaniiac

    Damn. Just paid 599 for this combo two weeks ago from SMGA….. What a deal.

  20. BakingAmmo


  21. pbsolaris

    I’d buy in FDE.

  22. DadReplacer

    I got my XL for more and without the red dot :’)

  23. deadtwitch66

    I just bought a non-optics version for $550. But I goofed and was in too much of a hurry and bought the CA neutered mag version. Oh well, thank God for living in not Cali.

  24. youreverysmartbrah

    Shame on OP, this optic is terrible. Do not buy this package.

  25. Mister9mm

    Lol man, the romeo zero must not be doing so well… who would have thought 🤷‍♀️ lol

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