[Handgun] Sig P365x from the other day is now even lower – $438.87 + S&H

[Handgun] Sig P365x from the other day is now even lower – $438.87 + S&H


[Handgun] Sig P365x from the other day is now even lower – $438.87 + S&H

33 reviews for [Handgun] Sig P365x from the other day is now even lower – $438.87 + S&H

  1. Z_0_Sick

    That’s insane I may get a second at this rate

  2. Neumann4493

    Dang should I get a second?

  3. esoomenona

    Now I understand y’all who comment about how you “bought this for some other price”. Got this from kygunco for less than $500 not that long ago, and that was supposedly a good deal. I guess such is the gundeals life.

  4. isaiahaguilar

    As a Californian it makes me sad to see this, here that gun is about $1200-$1400 or so.

  5. MaverickTopGun

    I’m just being a boomer and holding on to my P938 with a measly 7+1 rounds in hopes they make a 1.5 stack version of it (fuck I might even consider it in .30 Super Carry if it happens).

  6. sw0

    Still waiting for my email ;X

  7. BurnMuscleBuildFat


  8. AmDDJunkie

    Got one quote at the $438 price, but it showed up in my cart for $453. I got a second quote and the email was at $453, as well as price in cart. Looks like they bumped up the price a bit.


    My quote is $452.44. Any reason I’m not getting the $438 price?

  10. david_bean_counter

    The price is much higher when I click the link

  11. blueyestaring

    Back up to 659.99. Do you need to email to get a quote?

  12. dubbleoshoe

    Is this the same frame and mags as the XL?

  13. LiveWeb5682

    Price went back up a little? Just got this email quote from them:

    Our special price for you is 452.44.

  14. Icey688

    P365x with a manual saftey? I heard they were in the works but not sure if they have been released yet. My wife is wanting her first gun and she really liked the p365x renting it at the range, but she insists or rather feels more comfortable having a manual saftey on her first gun. She has shot my Canik TP9 Elite SC and M&P 2.0 both with just trigger safeties, but she wants a manual saftey. I know the xl has a manual saftey version and its basically the same gun just a half an inch longer barrel. Gona get her an xl next week with the manual saftey if the 365x hasnt been released with the manual saftey yet.

  15. ohnolagman


  16. Silevern

    I’m browsing for a concealed carry gun, still torn between this and a Glock 26 (because I already own a Glock 17). Any comments?

  17. Badatlife96

    Would this be worth upgrading to if my normal CCW is a XDs (1st gen)?

  18. AR-Eagle76

    That is a pretty decent price honestly. The wife might even let me get a second one

  19. hot-wing

    I just purchased but was quoted 454 🤷‍♂️


    Anyone able to get the code to work?

    I created an account, emailed for quote, added code and it tells me it’s invalid.

    Removed from cart, re-added, input code – still invalid 🤷‍♂️

    Edit – finally got it to work

  21. DogmanDOTjpg

    Damn this is exactly the gun I’ve been eyeing up

  22. sprchrgddc5

    Was just literally searching for one. Thank you!

  23. hallmonitor53

    OP you are the man! Seriously


    Thanks OP, upgraded my Shield

  25. RatRob

    Are these models optics ready? I don’t know too much about the 365 line other than the nomenclature about the X and the XL model differences.

  26. cgosk

    As someone who owns the XL, does this little bit of a shorter slide really make that much difference to some??

  27. DisastrousHawk835

    Is the fact that the pistol is nearly half the MSRP a bit concerning to anyone? Has anyone received one of these and function checked them yet? Is there a recall or something? There has to be a catch.

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  29. TacklinTempura

    I wish the P320 RXP X Compact was on sale. Lol, my grab this for now.

  30. epia343

    Ugh, why didn’t I just wait…

  31. Vibez_127

    I wonder if sig gonna release P365 with the new 30 super carry

  32. NoSoup4Yu

    Love mine with the harrington arms comp

  33. victorconcepts

    And i was just loving my shield plus after shooting it and was like nah i dont need another carry…

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