[Handgun] Ruger Wrangler 22 Long Rifle 4.62in Black Revolver – 6 Rounds $188.99

[Handgun] Ruger Wrangler 22 Long Rifle 4.62in Black Revolver – 6 Rounds $188.99


[Handgun] Ruger Wrangler 22 Long Rifle 4.62in Black Revolver – 6 Rounds $188.99

17 reviews for [Handgun] Ruger Wrangler 22 Long Rifle 4.62in Black Revolver – 6 Rounds $188.99

  1. MrMan2101

    Sheesh do I need another? If they have the bronze I’d buy instantly.

  2. OcelotPrize

    Stupid as fuck that these are illegal in MN lol


    Folks say that these are fun guns

  4. notaplaugerist

    I’d love to get this as a first wheel gun, if my ffl didn’t charge a 75 dollar transfer fee 😭

  5. RotaryJihad

    I own one and it is a hoot to shoot. It’s worth it up to $250 or so.

  6. n00py

    I like black. In for 1. 🤠

  7. LetItHappenAlready

    I’m just waiting for these the be cheap at Academy again. FFLs around me charge too much for a low priced gun like this. Kills the deal.

  8. MisterQuestionz

    I want one with a swing-out cylinder though. Does something like that exist in .22 LR?

    I know it’s not cowboy but fuck man make me a modern cowboy gun

  9. AreWeCowabunga

    Wish I had gotten one of these instead of a Heritage Rough Rider. I’m assuming the cylinder on the Ruger won’t lock up when it gets too hot.

  10. BrownRebel

    Reloading these is tedious as fuck

  11. Krokadyel


    No FFL near me is on their precious list

  12. Creepy_Sell_6871

    I want to buy one of these, but I hear that they have accuracy problems. I like the higher quality of the Wrangler, but I am leaning towards the Rough Rider 22, as I hear it is easier to shoot and more accurate.

    Anyone here have experience with the Rough Rider and the Wrangler? Which would you go with?


  13. dedmenz1579

    For slightly cheaper you can get a rough rider

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  15. TheRealTitleist

    I have the bronze one and it’s a shooter for sure. Really fun and inexpensive.

  16. dtroy15

    Did they ever come out with a .22 mag cylinder like heritage?

  17. Psychological-Drive4

    How are these with CCI Quites?

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