[Handgun] Ruger SP101 Standard .357 – $649.99

[Handgun] Ruger SP101 Standard .357 – $649.99


[Handgun] Ruger SP101 Standard .357 – $649.99

3 reviews for [Handgun] Ruger SP101 Standard .357 – $649.99

  1. 5-On-A-Toboggan

    I know these are crazy times, but if you want an SP101, hold out for the 3″ barrel. Conceals inside the waistband every bit as easily, but allows you to ring out some more precious velocity to ensure that your hollow points will open. The longer sight radius is a serious bonus too. The 3″ is easier to aim than the snubby.

  2. OfficerJoseph

    I have the 3 inch in .327 federal mag and I love it, but holy crap is it heavy… I haven’t weighed the two but my S&W model 60 feels lighter. Then again the 60 kicks like hell with full balls magnum loads….

  3. low_altitude_pancake

    I’d be all over this but I haven’t had much luck getting .38 or .357 lately

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