[Handgun] Ruger Max-9 Pro OR $370.87 + tax + ~$15 handling and ins, free shipping

[Handgun] Ruger Max-9 Pro OR $370.87 + tax + ~$15 handling and ins, free shipping


[Handgun] Ruger Max-9 Pro OR $370.87 + tax + ~$15 handling and ins, free shipping

7 reviews for [Handgun] Ruger Max-9 Pro OR $370.87 + tax + ~$15 handling and ins, free shipping

  1. VeraTachikaze

    i’m more interested in them them used glocks guns.com is sellin for $822, thassa deal amirite

  2. johnson_n

    Or what?

  3. LeDerpBoss

    I love that this is so cheap, because now hellcat OSP’s are being posted for $411 and you can’t tell me this gun has nothing to do with it.

  4. metalski

    Goes well with the Hellcat listing…really got both off of [their sale page](https://www.guns.com/firearms/gun-deals) which has a couple of other interesting items like the [P-10s for $495.11](https://www.guns.com/firearms/handguns/semi-auto/cz-p-10-s-9mm-luger-semi-auto-12-rounds-3-5-barrel-used?p=343934) but that’s used marked excellent…so buyer beware and all that, happy hunting, looks like someone decided to put small pistols on sale :).

  5. osirhc

    Niceeee already below $400. Once these things reach about what I paid for my LC9s coming up on 5 years ago I’m all in on one. My LC9s has been ol’ reliable since 2016, and it’ll still be a solid backup. But I think it might be time for an upgrade, bigger mag, and a Holosun.

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  7. jakethompson92


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