[Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $339 + Ship

[Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $339 + Ship


[Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $339 + Ship

7 reviews for [Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $339 + Ship

  1. InfiniteCuriousity

    Are these guys good to go?

    Unrelated: $20 shipping and handling no tax to me so $359 shipped.

  2. Pit1ord

    Redundant if I have a P365? Have an original LCP and not the biggest fan.. heard these are a lot better but wondering how much smaller than the Sig it is.

  3. AnEffortIsBeingMade

    I kind of want to get one since I hate my LCP II and want a reason to retire it completely. But I kind of don’t want to get one because I can’t imagine it makes shooting all that much less unpleasant, and looks like $400 wasted.

  4. biklab

    Picked one of these up last week. (Have not shot it yet) Fits In Your hand awesome and is so much smaller than say glock 43, sig p365 and hellcat. Weighs a lot less to. Perfect for throwing in a holster with gym shorts. Really hope this takes off so 380 comes down in price. If it shoots well I couldn’t recommend enough. Also has night sights

  5. UselessUseOfCat

    I asked on /r/ruger already, but maybe here will get more traffic. How’s the recoil? I shot a first gen LCP years ago and hated it. On the other hand, I love my Sig P238, which is a dream to shoot. On a scale of P238 to LCP, how bad is the recoil on the Max?

  6. RoofBeers

    Bot oos

  7. KrustyBoomer


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