[Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $329 + Ship

[Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $329 + Ship


[Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $329 + Ship

6 reviews for [Handgun] RUGER LCP MAX 380ACP 2.8″ 10RD BLK $329 + Ship

  1. TheBoodaMan

    Ruger needs to start shipping these with more than one mag.

  2. jerebediah

    Mine was 354 shipped. Says 3 days behind but was shipped the next morning. NO tax taken. I am sure these will come down but ATM seems to be the best deal. Right now.

  3. OfficialHavik

    I love this shop. Buy it from them guys!

  4. fitgranticus

    Is this really double action only? Why? one of the biggest improvements of the LCP2 is its single action trigger imo.

  5. MagicBeardMan86

    My dad and I got the last two

  6. mynewhoustonaccount

    I’m liking mine, but I got a weird blister on my trigger finger after shooting 150rnds through it at the range. Not on the fingerprint from the trigger itself, I think it’s just because I have massive hands and the triggerguard was slapping my trigger finger somehow. That, or because I shot 150 rounds through it. It’s def. NOT a range toy. I’m only maybe palm-size area accurate with it at 7 yards, but that’ll work I guess. It also didn’t like chambering some steel ammo once or twice.

    But it’s light and I forget I’ve been carrying it for a week – I’ve even been able to slip the pocket holster in my looser shorts.

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