[Handgun] Ruger EC9s Black $227.99

[Handgun] Ruger EC9s Black $227.99


[Handgun] Ruger EC9s Black $227.99

6 reviews for [Handgun] Ruger EC9s Black $227.99

  1. DrSpaceman575

    I had one of these. It didn’t like cheap ammo but it was easy to carry in a jeans front pocket which is nice for a semi auto 9mm. Not that different in size overall from a Shield but carries way better cause of the curves.

  2. castanza128

    Why would anybody buy a hipoint or sccy if this exists?
    That’s awfully cheap for a decent Ruger carry gun.

  3. Whistle_While_U_Lurk

    Sorry to be that guy but I think I should warn everyone in advance, I’d avoid ordering from Dack if you can.

    A while back I posted a deal they were running on some mags after I ordered them, thought it was a good deal. Someone commented and warned me that if I ordered for them it would likely take forever before I saw the mags. Sure enough, over a month later I got nothing.

    So I tried to cancel with them, and apparently their policy is that no matter what, they’ll only give you store credit upon cancellation of any orders. When your problem is taking absolutely forever to ship something as simple as a magazine and you only offer store credit….yeah, I’d avoid.

    This is just my experience but I thought everyone should keep this in mind.

  4. GunDealsMod

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  5. jontyllis

    Holy smokes look at all that concise info on this item. Good job to the people running this site!

    Too bad you missed an important piece of info, trigger pull weight is 5 lbs 5 oz for anyone wondering.

  6. danteholdup

    Acquired , hope I get it before Christmas

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