[handgun] Ruger 40107 Mark IV 22/45 22 LR 5.50″ barrel $366

[handgun] Ruger 40107 Mark IV 22/45 22 LR 5.50″ barrel $366


[handgun] Ruger 40107 Mark IV 22/45 22 LR 5.50″ barrel $366

17 reviews for [handgun] Ruger 40107 Mark IV 22/45 22 LR 5.50″ barrel $366

  1. SirScotchelot

    Buyer beware, I bought one for around this price and somehow it ended up costing me over $1800. That is… after a suppressor, stamp, Volquartsen upper, Volquartsen internals, red dot and grips. I have no idea how it happened… 🤣

    Edit: but yes, you should buy this

  2. zorbaguppie

  3. 9IX

    This or the Browning?

  4. captain_borgue

    Ooooh, and it’s the bull barrel version!

    Y’all, this thing is the *best*.

  5. ifighttheair

    This is so cheap but the lite versions are so colorful

  6. dannielr

    I have a receiver just need the damn lower. But it might be easier just buying the whole thing!

  7. arfarf15

    *cries in Californian

  8. davisaj5

    Damn I need to get some pistol permits so I’m ready when these come up

  9. MySignals

    I need to find the price on a threaded version.

  10. kingpcgeek

    I’m looking for a Target in stainless with the threaded barrel. Model 40126

  11. niftorium

    Maaaaaan threaded barrel and I probably would have sent it.

  12. she_said_its_fine

    In the word where Taurus TX22 does not exist this would be a good buy. Otherwise, I’d say it’s well worth it only if you’re dead set on round barrel.

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    CA legal question mark??

  15. thickjim

    Mark4 lite plz

  16. yellowback69


  17. Mixngas

    It gone.

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