[Handgun] Q Honey Badger Pistol – 300 Blackout $2999.00

[Handgun] Q Honey Badger Pistol – 300 Blackout $2999.00


[Handgun] Q Honey Badger Pistol – 300 Blackout $2999.00

13 reviews for [Handgun] Q Honey Badger Pistol – 300 Blackout $2999.00

  1. MrGoodKat069

    How many ATF points can i get with this?

  2. N20Joe

    Ordered the same gun from the same vendor a few weeks ago. G2G.

  3. NikoTheAsian

    This, dd pdw, or kac sr30? Im in cali cant even fuck with these anyways but just curious

  4. KimJongMakeEmSayUn


    * Limit 1 per person (yea, yea, we get it.. you ordered 13!!1!1 one one)
    * Please be original in your comment about this being overpriced and that you can build an AR that is ***JuSt aS goOd*** for less.
    * Yes, this is a pistol. No, it is not banned.

  5. KuhScotty

    It is a dope stick for sure…but the price is outrageously expensive . If I had the money for it, I’d save more and get a Barrett

  6. wubbalubbabubba

    Mine doesn’t run for shit. Hate it. Contacted Q and they said that I need to clean it every 100-150 rounds. Mine is the integrally suppressed model so YMMV, but I’m really fucking disappointed with this gun.

  7. tidescanner



    my lord i wish i lived in a free state. this thing just looks like fun

  8. rhoter14

    not worth 3 grand for that

  9. Tytar

    Ok but actually why is this 3k?

  10. acideyezz

    I’d so buy this but $GME & $AMC

  11. CJ_Figy

    Got 2. Thanks.

  12. CRAV8R

    in for 2, thanks! been looking for a Father’s Day gift for my dad

  13. IpickThingsUp11B

    for that price you can get a ST Compressor or a LMT CSW. best thing about either of those, no bolt bounce.

    minus the tax stamps.

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