[Handgun] Polymer80 Complete PFC9 9mm W/15-Round Magazine – $399.95

[Handgun] Polymer80 Complete PFC9 9mm W/15-Round Magazine – $399.95


[Handgun] Polymer80 Complete PFC9 9mm W/15-Round Magazine – $399.95

8 reviews for [Handgun] Polymer80 Complete PFC9 9mm W/15-Round Magazine – $399.95

  1. Alex-GXO

    I dont really know much about P80s but seems like a decent price. Although the whole point of the P80 is not having to go through an FFL, so seems kinda back asswards

  2. whk1992

    No optics cut, after shipping and FFL fee, it’s probably no more than $60 from a G19 at my LGS…

  3. masonjarcoffee

    Got all the parts to build this same thing for $247 on Black Friday and get the joy of building it myself

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  5. taway10215

    That’s cheap!

  6. No_Emotion_5572

    Just ordered. Thank you!

  7. Salti21

    Does this pfc9 have a sn since it is complete?

  8. Banoodlethehoodle

    Anyone got any coupon codes for GrabaGun?

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