[Handgun] Pioneer Arms Pioneer Arms Polish 7.62×25 PPS-43C Pistol – $499.99 $100 off + $30 Shipping

[Handgun] Pioneer Arms Pioneer Arms Polish 7.62×25 PPS-43C Pistol – $499.99 $100 off + $30 Shipping


[Handgun] Pioneer Arms Pioneer Arms Polish 7.62×25 PPS-43C Pistol – $499.99 $100 off + $30 Shipping

28 reviews for [Handgun] Pioneer Arms Pioneer Arms Polish 7.62×25 PPS-43C Pistol – $499.99 $100 off + $30 Shipping

  1. Gravyboat6969

    Why buy from this shop when I can find one on my local armslist for 1200?

  2. dontfret_saveface

    “The stock has no function and is permanently fixed in its folded position.”

    Man, that’s gotta be the saddest part of a gun description I have ever read.

  3. Bearking485

    Hey y’all just a head up that pioneer arms have pretty poor quality in their builds as many people have reported problems with this firearm. If I am not wrong it seems like it would be better to find a parts kit and have someone else built it for you rather than pioneer arms

  4. 800854EVA

    So if I wanted to SBR this, how difficult will it be to free the stock from the receiver? Says “permanently attached”.

  5. Curious_Joke

    What in the impulse buy are you tempting me with here?

  6. bird_mang1

    7.62×25 is way cooler than 9×19

  7. melaflander34

    Kinda confused from laying by the lake all day drinking. Is this 499 and 100 off that or 499 (599-100?)?

  8. InternetExpertroll

    Looks like the B-team version of the MP-40

    This is going on the dream list for sure.

  9. brucedonnovan

    This thing function ok?

  10. phatdoughnut

    I have one of these and sbr’d it and converted it to 9mm. Best decision ever. The surplus ammo seemed kinda hot for mine and it would function ok for a couple of rounds then randomly the receivers would separate. And the bolt would come out flying. Hahaha. Once I converted it haven’t had any issues.

  11. ProletarianBastard

    Wish they’d release another batch of the ones chambered in 9mm…

  12. PalmetttoStateArmory


    $100 more if you want it in a debatably more common caliber

  13. GabapentinGetaway

    Didn’t even know this existed

  14. wonderous2020

    Planning on overthrowing a South American country’s government. Thanks.

  15. waynestylzz

    I don’t need this

  16. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    These things are a ton of fun and I highly recommend SBRing it and opening the stock.

    The 7.62 versions function fine, the 9×19 versions sometimes have feeding problems that can usually be solved with magazine lip bending.

    Their biggest downfall is the pot metal hammer they use that can break. Some companies make replacement hammers, a guy on one of the builder forums makes a whole trigger pack, and Indianapolis Ordnance used to make a trigger but I don’t know if they still do.

    All in all a good investment and this has been the standard price for awhile.

    9/10 would recommend.

  17. StateOHockey

    Id consider one if 7.62×25 wasnt double and even triple the price it should be

  18. zote84

    It’s a WWII era SMG redesigned to fire from a closed bolt semi auto. That’s pretty rad.

  19. theclevelander

    This looks like the firearms equivalent on those 2-person horse costumes.

  20. H_F_F

    Lol I’m curious how the ‘permanently fixed’ folder is set up.

  21. kestrel1000c

    The price sure is right.

  22. whiskey_outpost26

    I have no interest in this gun OP, but I’m really liking this shop overall. Bookmarked for later perusing 🙂

  23. HeadshotKai

    If this is the same Pioneer Arms based in Poland that makes AKs you’ll probably want to avoid this shit like the fuckin plague lmfao. Those AKs are GOD FUCKIN AWFUL and on top of that they market themselves as “made at Radom” knowing that idiot people will mistakenly think that means “made at Fabryka Broni Radom” when in reality they just mean that the guns are made in the city of Radom lmfao. Lemme be very clear. The quality is not remotely close to FB Radom LOL I feel very bad for anyone who has one of their AKs because they got duped

  24. TheGhostOfficial

    Why does it say this site is in test mode? And they have zastava M90s

  25. NEGuns

    This firearm comes with a total of four 35 round magazines.

  26. UnfriskyDingo

    Ive bever geard of 7.62 x 25

  27. NEGuns

    Here is an excellent video on the Origins of the PPS-43 firearm. I love Ian McCollum is very knowledgeable.


  28. Csenior10

    That might’ve been a cool gun back in the day but damn! That thing is hideous. I thought AK’s were fugly

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