[Handgun] P365XL TacPac – $549.99 + tax

[Handgun] P365XL TacPac – $549.99 + tax


[Handgun] P365XL TacPac – $549.99 + tax

6 reviews for [Handgun] P365XL TacPac – $549.99 + tax

  1. ATF0PenUp

    It’s been at this price for about a month now at Sportsman’s. Good deal

  2. AdventurousPineapple

    Looks like MS version is out of stock, but this is still a pretty good deal on the TacPac if you’ve got a Sportsman’s nearby.

  3. M_chappa12

    Does anyone happen to have an extra code to bring this to $519 by any chance? I appreciate it.

  4. DesertFox308

    First time pistol buyer. Says the closest store with this in stock is 1,000 miles away. Is there no way to ship this to an FFL close to me?

    Edit- a store pretty close to me has the pistol with no manual safety but I’m looking at the one with a safety

  5. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Stupid pic got me excited – I thought sig made a factory base plate extension for the 12 round mags but on closer inspection it looks like they just photoshopped the holster and mags in from the regular p365 tac pac.

    Edit – I know there is a 15 round mag insterted in the gun and that’s not what I’m referring to. The extra mags in the pic on sportsman’s site have base plates installed for the regular p365 grip module. I have both grip modules and plenty of extra mags. I just thought sig may have made something like the [armory craft pinky extension](https://www.armorycraft.com/product-page/copy-of-sauer-p365-pinky-extension-for-10-round-magazines) but with matching texture

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