[Handgun] NEW Glock 17 or 19 9mm Gen 3 Sale – $479

[Handgun] NEW Glock 17 or 19 9mm Gen 3 Sale – $479


[Handgun] NEW Glock 17 or 19 9mm Gen 3 Sale – $479

18 reviews for [Handgun] NEW Glock 17 or 19 9mm Gen 3 Sale – $479

  1. 6_1_5

    Awesome price. If the groves fit your fingers, then it’s a fantastic deal. If they don’t maybe not so much, but some folks do dremel the groves off. Either way, for an “intro to Glocks” gun, this is a solid deal.

  2. gamerkidx

    Is glock still making new, old gen stuff or are these old stock? I dont know if they discontinue generations when they make a new one or not

  3. NVEF

    Out of stock on the G17\19 Gen 3s. I just lowered the price for the Gen 5s and the Constitution G19 Gen 3 with the threaded barrel. Thanks

  4. angry-buddhist

    Great price. Would you ship to ban states w/o mags u/nvef?

  5. Acceptable_North_117

    Would you recommend this or the gen 4 ? I have somewhat smaller hands

  6. PolarBearCoordinates

    I love my gen 3 frame, the finger grooves feel very natural. Swap out your ejector with a gen 4 version, polish the trigger assembly and you’ve got yourself a very reliable pistol!

  7. NotTheRealVanHelsing

    G19 out of stock. Bummer

  8. StopCollaborate230

    I am probably going for one of these to replace my crappy P80 frame. I told myself I would save up first.


  9. Fuckin_Hipster

    Ha! It is definitely one or the other.

  10. ButterMyFuckingToast

    This or a Gen 5? I have pretty large hands

  11. apocalypserisin

    In for a 17. Now I don’t have to hold off rolanding out my 19.

  12. catsuramen

    Does this come with magazines?

  13. pensacolaslim

    Why can’t I find a Gen 3 Glock 23 at these prices?

  14. realfreakinnato

    Plz we need that restock on 19s, I was at work

  15. hotsteamingpho

    California here. Gen 3’s are back under $500? Last time I checked they were going for $800… USED. I suppose the world is healing from this pandemic that prices are on sale and sub 500 again lol.

  16. kevw25

    Thats a fantastic deal. Close to the blue label price

  17. zingo-spleen

    Why buy this when you can build one for hundreds more?

    (cries in P80)

  18. HKNation

    I need to start checking reddit on my lunch.

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