[Handgun] Kel-Tec P17 Black $189.98 + tax/shipping

[Handgun] Kel-Tec P17 Black $189.98 + tax/shipping


[Handgun] Kel-Tec P17 Black $189.98 + tax/shipping

18 reviews for [Handgun] Kel-Tec P17 Black $189.98 + tax/shipping

  1. type_with_a_lisp

    I have one and I love the fuck out of it, this is a BIN price for sure

  2. jrk1213

    these are fun, but shooting supressed with the open top slide there is a lot of gas to the face.

  3. hells_cowbells

    How does this compare to the Taurus TX 22?

  4. daeedorian

    Thanks, OP. Been hunting for one under $200 for almost two years!

  5. passing-aggressive

    I wish these were in stock more often. I got a wrangler because I couldn’t find one of these.

  6. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    I like mine. Super fun but if I dump a lot of unplated/coated rounds (automatch or thunderbolt) through it too fast it leads up something fierce. CCI Clean doesn’t run very reliably but sure does help to blast some of the crud out every few hundred rounds.

    Otherwise only gripes I have are it being a somewhat finicky design and people paying too much for them. It’s worth about $200. Between not fully going into battery being too regular of an occurrence, the meh build quality, the spring supported rear sight that can randomly decide to throw itself off for a couple rounds and can’t be replaced it’s fine for the price but no more.

  7. opstand

    Been looking for a .22 plinker pistol and this is perfect since I missed out on the TX22. Cheap enough that if another TX22 deal pops up I can still get it too! Thanks OP!

  8. metalski

    Fuck, now I have to buy a tx22 so I can compare the two.

  9. RedHotRhapsody


  10. th3m4g3


  11. Limp-Quail

    soooooo good, only can i shoot on this like my 9mm

  12. OdinWolfe

    got one for 200.

    I’d pay 200 again if I wanted a P17.

    Get one.

  13. HouseofTriumph

    Oh fuck now I gotta

  14. HouseofTriumph

    Oh fuck now I gotta

  15. hornmonk3yzit

    Does anyone else have literally no clue what the point of this thing is? Like the way I see it every one of these is just a CP33 that could’ve been on the market instead, or even some other new gun. Why make a concealed carry style mid-size .22? You already have a full sized plinking target gun, and the only .22’s people want to carry are guns so small you couldn’t make them in other calibers? Why not make a compact PMR30 that only holds 20-25 rounds instead? I certainly have no interest in a .22 in this style, and the only reason I’d want a gun like this in a more powerful chambering is if it was for carry.

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  17. GunLovinFunLovinGuy

    This or Taurus tx22?

  18. JdoesDDR

    I’ve heard that these have really poor QC and reliability

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