[Handgun] IWI Zion 12.5 AR Pistol $739 + $40 shipping

[Handgun] IWI Zion 12.5 AR Pistol $739 + $40 shipping


[Handgun] IWI Zion 12.5 AR Pistol $739 + $40 shipping

15 reviews for [Handgun] IWI Zion 12.5 AR Pistol $739 + $40 shipping

  1. sirhc0991

    I saw IWI and got excited thinking it was the Galil. Nice price though!

  2. OfficialHavik

    Great deal! 12.5″ for a 5.56 pistol is a great length.

  3. Callas951

    This is my LGS – they’re legit. Looks like it’s currently on sale!

    Really wanted to pick this up but couldn’t find it in stock before, so I ended up building my own AR.

  4. kalashnikovkitty9420

    thats a good deal in this market

  5. tylarrrrr

    Got this for $828 a couple months back, good deal

  6. KirbyStyle

    Is shit getting back to normal?

  7. Creasy_bear_actual

    Just got mine I paid $820 for very happy with it, highly recommend.

  8. Jeffwerner4631

    This sucks. Just bought the same damn gun last week for $849.99. Damn I hate when that happene. It is a nice gun though

  9. Jakesandose

    Sheeeesh I paid $899 when I bought mine last year

  10. cddixon108

    I’m surprised this hasn’t sold out yet

  11. redditisbadthrowaway

    I’d consider this but as a Maryland resident it doesn’t appear as an approved pistol on the MDSP portal unfortunately

  12. BirddogTrinkets

    Sent it. Heard good things and this is the shortest length for a mid length gas system.

  13. Affectionate-Metal-2

    Wish I could just get the barrel.

  14. waratworld17

    Woah, they named a gun after the city in the Matrix. IWI must be fans.

  15. Ok_Understanding1612

    If they made a 13.7 I would ship it so fast

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