[Handgun] IWI Uzi Pro pistol with brace – 9×19 – $899.99 shipped

[Handgun] IWI Uzi Pro pistol with brace – 9×19 – $899.99 shipped


[Handgun] IWI Uzi Pro pistol with brace – 9×19 – $899.99 shipped

19 reviews for [Handgun] IWI Uzi Pro pistol with brace – 9×19 – $899.99 shipped

  1. Sure-Crazy3212

    Lil Uzi

  2. Ricerooni

    UZI’s looking rough these days. Fell onto some hard times I see.

    Would still buy it though since it looks cool in a weird way.

  3. rus_hacked_last_accn

    Yes, this is expensive for what it is. Yes there are more ergonomic firearms for a similar price point. No, none of them are Israeli UZIs.

    This is by far the lowest I’ve ever seen one listed for. Usually the pistol alone sells for around $1,100. The version with a brace around $1,250. IWI MSRP on the model in the OP is $1,309.

    These now come with a threaded barrel, along with one 20 round magazine and one 25 round magazine.

    When these are discontinued years from now you’ll be kicking yourself in the balls wishing you would’ve bought 5 of them back in the day (as is always the case with niche military imports).

  4. ColtHand

    I paid about the same for a Colt 635 parts kit. I’m happy in blow back land.

    Iwi needs to make these as pistols without the brace, a really stripped down model at around 600. For people who know what the fuck they’re doing when upgrading firearms. Then I’m all over it.

    Edit: while we’re at it please make one that takes Colt AR magazines they’re basically the fucking same

  5. Rjsmith5

    My normal copy/paste comment still stands:


  6. jjb1197j

    It looks like this model isn’t the one with the threaded barrel.

  7. SouthPawCO

    I really want to like these but I can’t see it.

  8. JKBRM0242

    Is the brace removable?

  9. IdyllicArcadia

    If it ain’t full auto, I don’t want it 😩

  10. yw4lkwhenUcanride

    Ugly uzi in semi whats the point. The links to other guns they have on sale here are more attractive. Also I’d never buy in any format that benefits IWI

    inb4 cool story bro

  11. rick4787

    Hard pass

  12. LegendActual

    Basically the worst option for a PCC as it sits. Funky recoil impulse, the only gun I’ve shot with a worse trigger is a Nagant revolver in double action, the brace blocks the grip and fire controls when folded and there’s not really a good place to put your support hand without a VFG and AFGs won’t fit. Plus they aren’t compatible with standard UZI mags unless you are handy enough to cut new mag catches.

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  14. Mr_Glock17

    I wish these didn’t have the grip safety

  15. pipelineporter

    After some quick googling there is a “normal” looking brace for this. The one they sell it with looks awful

  16. BEnglish321

    If IWI would come back to reality on the cost of this I’d definitely own one

  17. Sir_Galahad_98

    I now these get a lot of the, but I really want one 🙁

  18. pipelineporter

    Can anyone find any proof that this is made in Israel?

  19. BoontronixGAFS

    if this is in fact the threaded model it sucks its not without the brace. i’d much rather save the brace cost and apply that towards a stamp.

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