[Handgun] IWI JERICHO 941 F-9 9MM STEEL FRAME 4.4” or 3.8” BARREL (2) 16RD MAGS $494.99+s/h

[Handgun] IWI JERICHO 941 F-9 9MM STEEL FRAME 4.4” or 3.8” BARREL (2) 16RD MAGS $494.99+s/h


[Handgun] IWI JERICHO 941 F-9 9MM STEEL FRAME 4.4” or 3.8” BARREL (2) 16RD MAGS $494.99+s/h

17 reviews for [Handgun] IWI JERICHO 941 F-9 9MM STEEL FRAME 4.4” or 3.8” BARREL (2) 16RD MAGS $494.99+s/h

  1. TheMawsJawzTM





  2. Never_fucking_curses

    I keep going back and forth on this or a Beretta 92x. Ideally I’d get both but the recent black Friday purchases have my wallet and wife angry at me. Anyone have some input on this? For context I already have a CZ SP01.

  3. Go_For_Broke442

    for all the new cowboy bebop fans 🙂

  4. Synapse7777

    I got this recently from a similar deal and man it makes my polymer frame pistols feel like toys.

  5. Dhavi_Atoz

    I’ve had a semi-compact “Baby Eagle”/Jericho since 2004.
    They’re heavy as hell but the accuracy and natural point I get from this gun is second to none. That heaviness negates a most of the recoil. Anyone who has shot it loves it.
    For me, it has such a natural point in my hand that I don’t even need to aim it within 25yds to complete accurate double taps.

  6. alltheblues

    See You Space Cowboy…. yet again. Seems like Jerichos are popping up a lot

  7. invertedigloo

    I want this but 10mm

  8. Freki_M

    The Jerichos are coming back nature is healing 🙂

  9. Kashm1r_Sp1r1t

    This vs baby eagle 3, doesn’t slide safety/decoker or any controls on the slide suck?

  10. iamatroll555

    4.4 is Oos

  11. Ryanrealestate

    They always look better without the rail. Do those versions ever come up anymore?

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  13. Wyvern_68

    My first firearm I ever bought back around 2015. Serial is in the low 100s. I rarely take it out or use it (don’t even think about CCW this thing) but its still a great weapon. Heavy but built well.

  14. Odysseus556

    Something something space cowboy

  15. Maximus_Ballsackus

    Bot oos

  16. BarnyTrubble

    Wow I just paid 524, these are really cool even though it’s not the “screen accurate” Cowboy Bebop version. If you have like $1500 I hear you can score those on GB

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