[Handgun] HK45 V1 45 ACP w 2 MAGAZINES $780

[Handgun] HK45 V1 45 ACP w 2 MAGAZINES $780


[Handgun] HK45 V1 45 ACP w 2 MAGAZINES $780

5 reviews for [Handgun] HK45 V1 45 ACP w 2 MAGAZINES $780

  1. jj74125

    Be very careful here. AU imports them outside of HK’s approval and they have no warranty or support by HK USA. AU really needs to be banned from this reddit due to their deception and dishonesty. This should be very clearly noted in the listing but they try to scam people by not mentioning it.

  2. Thegingerhunt3r

    Someone tell me no

  3. dominante58

    Can’t link it here since they are banned I believe (not sure why as I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them) but battle hawk armory has this for $800 not having to deal with importer no warranty issues.

  4. BenderVsGossamer

    What’s the little key used for? I bought a used HK45 from cabelas a year ago and mine didn’t come with it. I’m still able to strip it, so it is kinda confusing me.

  5. NoVA_JB

    What is H&K’s standard warranty? Is it lifetime even if you purchase second hand?

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