[Handgun] HK VP9 Optics Ready 9mm Luger 4.09″ 17+1 (2) Black $647+s/h

[Handgun] HK VP9 Optics Ready 9mm Luger 4.09″ 17+1 (2) Black $647+s/h


[Handgun] HK VP9 Optics Ready 9mm Luger 4.09″ 17+1 (2) Black $647+s/h

16 reviews for [Handgun] HK VP9 Optics Ready 9mm Luger 4.09″ 17+1 (2) Black $647+s/h

  1. Jakl15

    OOS already

  2. daddumdiddlydoo

    Order placed! Hopefully it is legit, been on the lookout for an OR vp9 that isnt $900.

    Edit: All reviews online say this is a legit shop in Texas

  3. Gingershooter777

    Can you do it again. I want one

  4. pantlesspuma

    These guys are G2G. Ordered a stribog A3 from them and hand a pleasant experience.

  5. GrimDarkGunner

    I can’t decide whether to buy the OR and have a 3rd VP9 (regular + SK, currently), or pay half the cost and get the slide milled.

  6. oh19contp

    VP9 is HK’s gift to the poor people. or at least thats what i tell my brother when we compare my USP to his VP9 lol. still a great handgun and i would trust my life with either.

  7. Direct-Example

    Nice find on the optic ready OP.

  8. DanTalent

    In theory for me the vp9 is perfect handgun…until I realized my E.T. fingers make dropping a mag hard to do. I recommend this gun for people with smaller hands the way the controls are set.

  9. shrimpinthesink

    I totally just bought this (10% down) but I’m concerned at how inexpensive it is! Did I just get finessed? Called my two fav LGSs and they were super surprised by the price.

  10. wormraper

    Damn. I remember buying mine for $499 + 4 mags as a mail-in from HK

  11. torchredzo6

    I’m ready for the downvotes but I would like to see an optics ready B version. 🙂

  12. _meesh__

    Can I flex on the poors now, mr crabs?

  13. DevAlmighty

    Almost perfect except I want the version with FDE frame … feelsbad

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  15. ATF0PenUp

    how is this for appendix conceal carry?

  16. Maximus_Ballsackus

    Bot oos

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