[Handgun] HK USP9 EXPERT V1 9MM w 2-15rd mags $1263.98

[Handgun] HK USP9 EXPERT V1 9MM w 2-15rd mags $1263.98


[Handgun] HK USP9 EXPERT V1 9MM w 2-15rd mags $1263.98

12 reviews for [Handgun] HK USP9 EXPERT V1 9MM w 2-15rd mags $1263.98

  1. LegendActual

    My LGS has one of these for like 1050 because it’s been sitting forever and no one will touch it.

  2. ponderofclams


  3. smc187

    Model in picture has the jet funnel magazine well that only accepts 18 round mags. What you’re probably getting is the standard 15 round mags without the jet funnel.

  4. someperson1423

    Damn, the Elite is OOS. I still want one of them with a match weight.

  5. RandyDanderson

    This or the P210?

  6. thickjim

    Right before the pandemic I saw one of these at a local show with 6 mags for 1000 bucks and didn’t get it, still in sad

  7. Radioactiveglowup

    The DA trigger is godawful and SA is ok at best

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  9. doindatdan913

    somebody find me a usp9 tactical T_T

  10. -ordinary

    What is the “recoil reduction” system theyre talking about w this?

  11. tcase92191

    Yo, what’s with the smegma reference?

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