[Handgun] HK USP45 Elite (V1) .45 ACP DA/SA (2) 12rd Mags $1101

[Handgun] HK USP45 Elite (V1) .45 ACP DA/SA (2) 12rd Mags $1101


[Handgun] HK USP45 Elite (V1) .45 ACP DA/SA (2) 12rd Mags $1101

21 reviews for [Handgun] HK USP45 Elite (V1) .45 ACP DA/SA (2) 12rd Mags $1101

  1. Double_Damn_Son

    It looks kinda goofy.

  2. OfficialHavik

    How come every time I start thinking about a gun I see it on this sub shortly after? Granted I was thinking of a regular USP, but still

  3. Dionysusigma

    Have a .45 Expert (slightly shorter version of this). Most accurate handgun I have ever fired.

    If my bank account wasn’t still in tears from a 6.5 Creedmoor build, I would jump on this without hesitation.

  4. LinechargeII

    I have both this and the Expert because I thought they were super rare. At the time, I think they were. Now they seem to make them regularly.

  5. President_Nixon1

    Pepperidge farm remembers when these were going for $800

  6. dormanGrube

    If you Know you Know.

    These are great shooters, just don’t plan on concealing the thing

  7. superkuper

    Elite Operators Only.

  8. Craterfist

    Long dong

  9. Wesjohn2

    Damn I didn’t know they made uncircumcised USPs.

  10. stacksmasher

    Own one of these. Its like a laser beam! Seriously I cant believe how accurate it is at 35yds even.

  11. tranerofmonsters

    Wouldnt this sort of be a BIN price?

  12. 93seca2

    Big snoot.

  13. Thegingerhunt3r

    Accuracy +10. Mana +5

  14. raifsevrence

    What the fuck is that? Do they include the wood from the ugly tree this thing fell out of so you can build a box to bury it in?

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  16. Juggernaut_64

    I own this pistol equipped with a match weight. It shoots as soft as my MK23. Are there better pistols for the money? Yes. Does that matter if you’re a USP lovin’ HK fanboi? No.

  17. Character_Reach6276

    Too ugly for me

  18. Creekochee

    C U R S E D H K

  19. El_Beerdo

    This is so ugly it makes Keltecs look like Walthers.

  20. Colter91


  21. PigeonMilk55

    This is one chonky motherfucker but I can still handle it pretty well with my smaller hands. I’d recommend Talon grips the back of the grip really dug into my palm after a few mags.

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