[HANDGUN] HK USP V1 45 ACP $850 + free ship – 2 in stock

[HANDGUN] HK USP V1 45 ACP $850 + free ship – 2 in stock


[HANDGUN] HK USP V1 45 ACP $850 + free ship – 2 in stock

16 reviews for [HANDGUN] HK USP V1 45 ACP $850 + free ship – 2 in stock

  1. echohack

    Make that 1 in stock

  2. zorbaguppie

    Yo homie is that my briefcase?

  3. Platanium

    Thank god it’s not a USP Tactical at this price I can’t handle it right now but I’d still get it

  4. ilikepie145

    Seems like a pretty good price I’d say

  5. adamlcarp

    And now oos

  6. reptileexperts

    Someone saved me 850. Ugh. Still sad

  7. NickName_Lays

    HK is such a tough company to beat for .45 ACP / hammer fire. I’d prefer this in tactical model and get the standard HK45. The extra girth from the USP is fine with a suppresser host but maneuverability it’s nice having the updated ergonomics of the HK45T/CT lineup.

  8. commiezilla

    That last pistol you will ever need to own. /s

    Absolutely fantastic gun. Buy it!

  9. GhonJotti

    Just waiting for a USP Compact in 9mm

  10. Saburo_Kashim

    Might be adding another to the collection, i own one already and its big brother the mark 23. The craftsmanship for the slide is too tier, the hostile environment finish keeps it like new after all the torture I’ve put it through. This price is pretty good most the USP’s disappeared off my lgs shelves fast soon after C-19 hit.

  11. TheOtherAkGuy

    Damn does anyone have experience with this shop? The prices are great all across the board almost kinda suspect to me

  12. mccdizzie

    As much as I love the USP, I love saying it’s “the best $600 handgun you can buy for $900” even more

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  14. dormanGrube

    _Laughs in usp elite_

    I’ll take my thousand dollar pistol to the grave with me! This fucker will surely outlive me

  15. OfficialHavik

    These guys have been having the sales lately. Goddamn!!

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