[Handgun] H&K SP5 9mm Luger 8.86in Matte Black Modern Sporting Pistol – 30+1 Rounds – $2799.99

[Handgun] H&K SP5 9mm Luger 8.86in Matte Black Modern Sporting Pistol – 30+1 Rounds – $2799.99


[Handgun] H&K SP5 9mm Luger 8.86in Matte Black Modern Sporting Pistol – 30+1 Rounds – $2799.99

28 reviews for [Handgun] H&K SP5 9mm Luger 8.86in Matte Black Modern Sporting Pistol – 30+1 Rounds – $2799.99

  1. anonymosity06

    Of all the times to not have 2800, this isn’t a good one.

  2. realbmp

    In stock just in time to take it with you to your work Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza.

  3. WhoIsThis11095

    I’m shocked it was in stock long enough for me to purchase it

  4. cyberguy238

    I’m awake and it’s available, but my credit card will hurt

  5. Tuco86x

    All the unicorns and grails coming out tonight!!!

  6. Inorganicmatter

    I paid 3200 for mine 6 months ago. No ragrets.

  7. Specialist-Excuse16

    I like to hold one and slap that charging handle like a german henchmen.

  8. Boombom-fisz-akar808

    One day

  9. gumby36psi


  10. Psiwolf

    Would 10/10 definitely send this if I didn’t send it already last week at this price at my LGS. Already working on the form 1 to attach a folding stock and awaiting my can(s) to come in. 👍

  11. renegadeGDI

    Okay I’ll be that guy… my PTR has been FLAWLESS, even with cheap mags. There is simply no reason to spend over $1k more from a functional standpoint. In fact I thought I read somewhere that the PTR has a few advantages, especially if you eventually acquire a full auto trigger pack.

  12. rasputin777

    Am I alone in thinking that the K is far sexier than this one?

  13. Saynation

    Hahaha and to think the guys at Century thought we’d pay this much for their AP5’s

  14. Jesmer8490

    This a good deal?

  15. ziegen76

    Missed it again. One day I’ll find one *sigh*

  16. ModestMonty

    Gah! Missed out on it again! I’ve been looking at this for like 3 years now and it seems like vendors usually get these around thanksgiving/Christmas. Better luck next year I guess.

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  18. IrishmanProdigy747

    How easy is it to find one of those classic fixed stocks for this? Or even the collapsible stock?

  19. twowords_number

    Just spent that much on a PVS-14 lol

  20. _______butts_______

    Is the HK one worth the extra $1000 over a PTR 9CT or Zenith Z5RS?

  21. JJMcGee83

    I couldn’t sleep last night. Should how known this was up.

  22. Raiden571

    Just bought a LTT RDO last night…..dammit, fuck my CC

  23. whodafkru1337

    Why is this so expensive? Noob to this gun

  24. Signal-Condition-646

    Just tried to check out and apparently OOS. I will call and complain as allgedly I have some sort of status at SO.

  25. hwalker84

    My boy paid $3200 yesterday. He cried when I sent him this.

  26. realbmp

    Bot OOS

  27. MrGoodKat069

    Why does it have to be a sportsmans…
    I would just on this if it was any other place.

  28. Mervin-Blein


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