[Handgun] HK P30L V1 Light LEM $679.99

[Handgun] HK P30L V1 Light LEM $679.99


[Handgun] HK P30L V1 Light LEM $679.99

13 reviews for [Handgun] HK P30L V1 Light LEM $679.99

  1. therivera

    Potential first time H&K owner…is this a good deal?

  2. cdholmes92

    And I was just looking at these for a John Wick build….

  3. n0bfu

    I have a HK P30L v3 in 9mm, favorite handgun I own. Only wish I could lose the safety

  4. Cheese_the_Red_Panda

    Forgot to mention it’s [9mm](https://imgur.com/5H9eZhv)

  5. BenderVsGossamer

    Glad to see prices starting to come back down

  6. middleman2162

    They don’t ship to Colorado 😭

  7. GoNe2heLL

    Damn tax and shipping charges kill the deal

  8. KeroDude

    this is the version with out NS and only has 2 mags.

  9. Alex-GXO

    I paid $619 back in 2019 for a V3 model from them, definitely my favorite OWB gun. Holster selection kinda sucks, especially with a WML.

  10. PigeonMilk55

    Thank you lithium for taking away my desperation to buy new guns.

  11. BrambleVale3


  12. Cheese_the_Red_Panda

    Bot out of stock

  13. speedmaster89

    Why no shipping to MD? Ughhhh. So much for adding the p30L LEM I’ve been looking for.

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