[Handgun] HK P2000SK V3 DA/SA .40SW 3.26″ BBL 2-9RD BLACK $719.99

[Handgun] HK P2000SK V3 DA/SA .40SW 3.26″ BBL 2-9RD BLACK $719.99


[Handgun] HK P2000SK V3 DA/SA .40SW 3.26″ BBL 2-9RD BLACK $719.99

12 reviews for [Handgun] HK P2000SK V3 DA/SA .40SW 3.26″ BBL 2-9RD BLACK $719.99

  1. BenderVsGossamer

    They almost had us in the first half gif

  2. GrandCowboy


    $672.58 + $19.95 ship + NO Tax (except GA believe)

  3. Maniac2112

    First pistol I ever owned and one of my favorites. I paid $650 used a decade ago. This price seems good to me.

  4. pharmersss

    Man would’ve snagged this up, but just bought a springfield xdm elite 3.8 osp 10mm for CCW. I prefer hammer fires though but the springfields grip safety helps.

  5. AnarchyInThe

    For👏ty👏 cal👏!

  6. C-Makimaki

    Oh man i was due for some 40-hate. Y’all let it flow, please.

  7. TheChance916

    Wat is dis?!

  8. _Azzii_

    I prefer USPS for pistol round

  9. BrambleVale3

    In before “imagine paying that much for a dead caliber”.

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  11. silversauce

    As some one who had the USPc .40 I would love to see how snappy this cricket thing is lol

  12. Contortrix69

    In an alternate reality where Hipoint is the precipice of engineering.

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