[handgun] HK HK45 COMPACT V1 $799

[handgun] HK HK45 COMPACT V1 $799


[handgun] HK HK45 COMPACT V1 $799

9 reviews for [handgun] HK HK45 COMPACT V1 $799

  1. Bonzooy

    Snagged. Bless you OP. Will dump a mag in your honor (but just one, I got bills to pay).

  2. [deleted]


  3. superkuper

    I am once again asking to find a USP 45

  4. yem68420

    This is one of the sexiest pistols out there

  5. Screwedstonian

    I have this pistol, shoots like a dream and never once has it malfunctioned. Parts ain’t cheap and mags are a challenge to find. Oh yeah, the threaded barrel is expensive. It’s a HK, so poors beware lmao.

  6. apocalypserisin

    How does this shoot compared to a standard USP45?

  7. bigfishlittleboat

    Dammit Oos

  8. speedmaster89

    And of course this goes up a few days after I bought mine for $1000. 😭

  9. guo212

    basspro shop stores have hk 45c in stock consistently for the same price.

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