[Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 9MM 81000477 – $3,099.99

[Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 9MM 81000477 – $3,099.99


[Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 9MM 81000477 – $3,099.99

21 reviews for [Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 9MM 81000477 – $3,099.99

  1. twowords_number

    Doesn’t this come and go in-stock at sportsmans warehouse for ~$2,800 pretty regularly?

  2. rollingsherman

    At this price I will take a clone please…lol

  3. FatherOfJizz

    Psh, I can get it in 22lr for like 1 ’89 Accord less.

  4. Puzzleheaded_Sky9441

    Heckler & suck my Koch for that price!

  5. vanderlinden

    2 available at the time of this post.

  6. nemo001

    It gives me hope to see one still available for over an hour

  7. b20vteg

    have this – this is the most accurate gun I own lol

  8. AAA_Game

    I really could right now, but I’m gonna be a responsible adult

  9. ChiefFox24

    Unpopular opinion: You all that buy these at this price are fucking embarassing. Allowing a company to charge so much for something that cost them somewhere in the neighborhood of $300-400 to manufacture is a slap in the face.

  10. kpeterson159

    Where’s a PTR?

  11. Minimum_Government

    Yes, it’s as good as you think. I got one of the first ones into the country back in Dec ‘19 or so. One of my favorites.

  12. autosear

    $3099 and you don’t even get a pushpin lower. Lame as hell.

  13. Cyberguypr

    This or six MP5 22

  14. cellularresp

    I own one that I quickly SBR’d.

    The only reason I bought it was because a local HK rep sold it to me for $2K.

    I do not think it’s worth it at $3K. Ancient design and shit ergos. Sure it looks cool but that’s all you’re paying for. I’m excited for the MDP-9

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  16. Linkmaco3

    Not a heinous price. Nice

  17. ATF0PenUp

    Is this dealer g2g?

  18. LTWestie275

    Anyone want to sponsor for me for this? 10/10 worth it.

  19. tiffanyhascrabs

    Bitch. I got a bunch of these stacked up in boxes all over. Fk. I prolly have 4 under my sink alone….
    Gotta flex on all you poors since this is an HK post.

  20. stro85

    Wow! I can’t believe people are buying these at this price. I bought one the week they came out and I was out of the store with only $2650 paid. Not a $3,000+ gun and this is from an HK whore.

  21. SammyKiller

    This prices makes me happy I went ahead with an MPX for $1600 instead.

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