[Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 8.86″ 9mm – $3,036.00 shipped

[Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 8.86″ 9mm – $3,036.00 shipped


[Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 8.86″ 9mm – $3,036.00 shipped

9 reviews for [Handgun] Heckler & Koch SP5 8.86″ 9mm – $3,036.00 shipped

  1. Apolopolo99

    Why get this when you could get a Turkish knock off for $5 less

  2. WheelyMcFeely

    On your feet, soldier

  3. tripledickdudeAMA

    I apologize in advance.

  4. Dsopptha

    Do you want to be Captain Price or do you want to be any other larpable character? 3,000 will get you halfway there


    Here to say I could have but I just bought that fucking SR15

  6. room9bangu

    I resent having a job that doesn’t allow me to refresh reddit every 2 minutes because I’m missing out on these deals.

  7. sslproxy

    And of course, my notifications work for the mag posted yesterday, but somehow didn’t pick up on this. FML. Maybe I’ll get one sometime this year…. Thanks anyways OP for the heads up.

  8. Patrick-87


  9. GunsCarsPlanes

    If you are a NFA dealer and have the lower could you retrofit this?

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