[HANDGUN] Heckler & Koch SP5 – $3499.99

[HANDGUN] Heckler & Koch SP5 – $3499.99


[HANDGUN] Heckler & Koch SP5 – $3499.99

19 reviews for [HANDGUN] Heckler & Koch SP5 – $3499.99

  1. Veloster_Raptor

    Damn, this is half way to a transferable mac. Didnt know sp5s were in the 3k range.

  2. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    Just wait until I get my VaxxaMillions… I’m gonna buy some shiiiiiiiiiit

  3. pgdevhd

    I’d rather buy a nice zero-turn

  4. Bunnenator

    Gunbroker prices

  5. bkfit

    In 2019 I paid, Z5RS $2200 with brace. 2019 SP5 paid $2400 those are fair prices. This not so much.

  6. PissShiverss

    What’s the best price y’all seen on these?

  7. DrKDB

    This is rough. Staves off the GB scalpers I guess.

  8. romang12

    In for 5. Thanks op

  9. Shooets-Envy-12

    Sportsman warehouse sells the for mid 2k

  10. DrKDB

    LOL aaaand it’s out of stock.

  11. ghostface128597

    I’ll never truly understand the SP5 obsession. (Bring on the downvotes)

  12. jigji4jg949


  13. InfiniteWalrus09

    Not a deal, you can get cheaper on gunbroker

  14. sakserv1

    How are there so many people in this thread that don’t know the going rate for an SP5? It’s not like this is a new price, this is actually cheaper than the $4k we’ve seen the last 12 months…. Hell the MSRP is near $3k now. Don’t expect Scheels prices for something popping up on gundeals.

  15. IndependentBrick964

    I’d rather buy 2 nice AR’s and an Ak

  16. nissan240sx

    ay yo, how do i find a zenith or POF clone? besides gunbroker…

  17. Lando25

    Can buy 2 PTRs for this. The hell is wrong with HK thinking that’s a reasonable price.

  18. atxoptions

    Unpopular opinion: If it didn’t look so ugly, I’d actually be inclined to buy one of these days.

  19. thereddaikon

    Glad I got mine for MSRP. The price just keeps going up.

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