[Handgun] Heckler & Koch (H&K) SP5L 9mm Pistol – 2949$ + shipping

[Handgun] Heckler & Koch (H&K) SP5L 9mm Pistol – 2949$ + shipping


[Handgun] Heckler & Koch (H&K) SP5L 9mm Pistol – 2949$ + shipping

23 reviews for [Handgun] Heckler & Koch (H&K) SP5L 9mm Pistol – 2949$ + shipping

  1. NoAd1393

    HK SP5 Erect edition

  2. mmiski

    I’m truly baffled why nobody offers an HK33 with 16″ barrel and A2/A3 stock. Seems like it would be a perfect fit for the US civilian market. No need to deal with shitty pistol braces or going through the hassle of SBRing the gun to de-uglify it.

  3. the_abolition_of_man

    Long Black Koch

  4. JohnDoethan

    Nice. A 16.5in barrel pistol.

  5. hack-a-shaq

    Starring Daniel Day Lewis in:

    *The Last of the Long Snoots*

    Rated R

  6. 2alife

    The first thing I thought of when I saw the picture is the stores that have shopping carts with a tall pole on them to keep people from taking them out of the store.

  7. Sourdcrew94


  8. 93seca2

    We got Pinocchio over here.

  9. timski9000

  10. Metallicafan352

    Don’t forget the 200$ premium to cut this down to a short boi.

  11. Schwanz_Hintern64

    Ewww. at least get a faux suppressor to cover that gross barrel

  12. quatrevingtdixhuit

    Goofy as frig. That mp5 been lying.

  13. poinanipounder

    just here to say i could get one.. but darn thats ugly

  14. Turb0M0nkey

    What did they do to my boy? 🤮

  15. Quake_Guy

    should buy this so I can cosplay as a bad guy from the A-Team or one of many other early to mid 1980s TV shows.


  16. Tuco86x

    Look at what they fucking did to my boy!

  17. Crashing_Machines

    [I’ll leave this here](https://imgur.com/gallery/v3KThHn)

  18. B34Z7

    Cheaper to buy this and sbr it, than buying standard sp5

  19. maDIEmG

    I well call this “The Hummingbird” now.

  20. Chewynugetman

    Only one left of these long bois.

  21. corruptbytes

    cheaper on gunbroker

  22. Cold_Hard_Justice

    The SP5Ls actually look pretty sick if you get a longer handguard and a stock put on them. Saw some pictures on HKpro. Not sure what type of handguard was used though.

  23. Chewynugetman

    Bot OOS

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