[handgun] Heckler and Koch P30L V3 Long Slide 9mm OR HK P30SK V3 9mm $622

[handgun] Heckler and Koch P30L V3 Long Slide 9mm OR HK P30SK V3 9mm $622


[handgun] Heckler and Koch P30L V3 Long Slide 9mm OR HK P30SK V3 9mm $622

18 reviews for [handgun] Heckler and Koch P30L V3 Long Slide 9mm OR HK P30SK V3 9mm $622

  1. guns_only_acct

    It’s not even the P30L, UPC comes up as a P30S…


  2. KnifeActual

    What the hell are they trying to pull, it lists one gun in the title and a completely different gun in the description. When checking out it says you agree to whatever gun is listed and they will not be responsible if you get a different gun.

  3. GunsandTrucksTX

    UPC comes back as a regular P30S.

  4. feriz_

    For a second I thought this was an optic ready P30L and got really excited.

  5. BurnMuscleBuildFat

    UPC code does not match description on site.

    > 642230260542

    > P30S,

    > 9mm,

    > (V3) DA/SA,

    > ambidextrous safety/rear decocking button,

    > two 17rd magazines

  6. narcissist-ass-face

    Ordered last night. Got an automated email this morning saying my order is voided.

  7. sulaco83

    These seem to have legit tritium sights too and not the luminescent ones mine came with. Too bad they don’t have the 17 rd mags though.

  8. Freedom-Forever

    Get your Wick on

  9. BrokenBodyEngineer

    Damn if I didn’t just spend ass fuck money on a new gaming rig yesterday I’d buy a pair of these.

    BIN pricing people.

  10. sarge5150

    Is this BIN if you’ve been in the market for one?

  11. dippenmesomecope

    Got one for 300 bucks brand new because some wealthy guy at the gunshop ordered one (saw it in JW), shot about one mag through it and said he wanted a VP9 instead because of how inaccurate the p30L shot. Lmao I split playing cards with the thing, thank god for rich guys with the “it’s the guns fault” mentality.

  12. b20vteg

    have the P30L with the gray guns trigger and a compensator – shoots better than my 2011 – it’s that good.

  13. TheCandyManCan1

    Safety version FYI

  14. BurnMuscleBuildFat

    I need this LEM but not long

  15. zorbaguppie

    HK product description p30sk – sub kompact fur Ehefrau “schwarzer pistole zu gross”


  16. sammsmd

    Is there a link for p30sk?

  17. stro85

    Even as an HK fanboy I never understood the allure of the P30L. A guy in a movie uses it? James Bond uses PPK and that’s a trash gun. Maybe it’s because I don’t like long slide guns and they look funny to me. The MK23 is my only exception as it has tremendous testing and pedigree and suppresses nicely. I love my MK23. Now if I could just find a P30 with DA/SA safety and decocker to try out I might buy it…


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