[Handgun] Glock G19 Gen 3 – $499.99

[Handgun] Glock G19 Gen 3 – $499.99


[Handgun] Glock G19 Gen 3 – $499.99

3 reviews for [Handgun] Glock G19 Gen 3 – $499.99

  1. headtattoo

    Why is this company located in OK, but the phone number is a FL area code? For that reason, I’m out.
    * edit* after some digging online, I see they used to have a shop and they’re now running their business mostly online out of their home. Palmetto State Armory has them listed in their FFL locator. So, they are legitimate. The owner is originally from Texas, and maybe he lived in FL at some point. Who knows why “defiant” is spelled wrong…maybe that’s just the Texas way!***

  2. RedWingsHockey19

    For those not in California, keep scrolling down to the Gen5 for $540 +shipping

  3. aclark210

    God…what a world we live on where a Gen 3 costs $500 😔

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